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"Let's Go To Space!" (129 Tracks)
Sci-Fi & Outer Space Collection
March 2021

"Sand, Sea, & Song" (112 Tracks)
Oceanic/Beach/Summer Collection
May 2021

"Filling the Void" (54 Tracks)
Personal Wish Fulfillment Collection
August 2021

See you on the Moon

Howdy, if you found this page it's probably from one of the bagillions of links.

If you're reading this, don't join The Bard's Guild, (or any other community larger than 100 people for bards.) It's not worth it, just move along and make a server with your friends.

I'll be spending my days back in front of me. I hope you do too!
--Mielle Uccello from Coeurl, founder of The Bard's Guild

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August 2021

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by @AstraLunaSol



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Tonberry || Goblet, Ward 9, Plot 6



Behemoth || Lav. Beds, Ward 14, Plot 60


Coming soon

Lich || Mist, Ward ##, Plot ##


Coming Soon!

Siren || Firmament, Ward ##, Plot ##


coming soon!

Omega || Shirogane Ward ##, Plot ##

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